About Us


We train managers to lead teams that

  • solve problems faster,

  • deliver more for their customers,

  • and learn and grow as a unit in today’s complex business environment.


Leadership Development with Real-World Impact

We equip your leaders with the critical skills to accelerate team performance


Hi! I’m

Dr. Shannon Arvizu

Founder and Sociologist of Technology

After observing so many inspiring companies stall due to inexperienced management, Dr. Arvizu decided that it was time for a change.


How We’re Different

Typical approaches to leadership development are not designed for long-term organizational impact. Here’s how we change that.

Typical Workshop Typical 1:1 Coaching Epic Teams Accelerator
Unit Of Influence Individual Leader Individual Leader Leader, Team, and Team Stakeholders
Relevance to Org LowLeader is trained within a generalized content LowLeader is coached in highly personalized context High
Leader and teams are developed together within the context of real work
Impact to Org Low No mechanism for sustained application LowNo mechanism for sustained application High
Knowledge and behaviors are reinforced by the team

About You

We partner with CEOs and People Ops leaders to instill the core capabilities that help your organization gain (and keep) a competitive edge. 


You Are

• A founder of a fast-growing company who wants to win the market.

• A People Ops leader who is committed to the growth and development of leaders and teams.

You Are Not

• A founder who isn’t willing to invest resources in the skill set of their people.

• A People Ops leader looking for a quick and generic “check-the-box” training.


Our Partner Coaches

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Gabe Abella

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Amy Wong


Adam Leonard



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Mike Bailen

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Inessa O’Childs

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Rob Hall


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