About Dr. Shannon Arvizu

Hi! I help organizations achieve ambitious goals by cultivating team intelligence.

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My Mission

To develop the next generation of leaders to solve the today’s toughest challenges.

I bring 15 years of research, training, and consulting with Fortune 500 companies, startups and foundations to help fast-growing organizations transform managers into epic team leaders.


Why did I create Epic Teams?

As a sociologist, I’ve learned that our abilities to improve knowledge work depend on our capacity to generate wisdom that is greater than any one of us alone.

To that end, I founded Epic Teams in 2016 to measurably improve team intelligence so that the world’s most innovative companies can solve today’s toughest challenges.


What is Team Intelligence?

Team intelligence is the ability to collaboratively solve problems quickly across a variety of contexts. It is an extension of what is known as collective intelligence (as defined by Tom Malone at MIT) that applies specifically to teams.

I consider team intelligence to be the “killer app” that enables today’s fast-growing companies to achieve their fullest impact.


How is Epic Teams different from other training companies?

“To master is to teach.” We develop the internal capacities of managers and teams to coach and solve problems on their own. Everything we teach is subsequently owned and mastered by the managers and teams we coach.


Who have we helped?

We have helped hundreds of highly creative and innovative leaders and teams throughout the Silicon Valley up their game, including those at Lever, SurveyMonkey, Electronic Arts, Jumpshot, Axon, Gainsight, Bioneers, Gilead, Wattpad, and more.


What have I published on the topic?

I am the author of “Empowering the Next Generation of Team Leaders in Fast-Moving Startups,” featured in the book, Leadership Team Coaching in Practice: Case Studies on Developing High Performing Teams. I am also the co-author of the upcoming paper, “How to Improve Complex and Creative Knowledge Work in 21st Century Organizations with Kanban,” featured in the journal, Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal. My forthcoming book, The Team Leader Playbook, is set for release in Fall 2019.


Where did I study?

I hold a Ph.D. in sociology from Columbia University, with a focus on technology, organizations, and change. I also have an M.A. in Anthropology-Sociology from the American University of Cairo and a B.A. in History from U.C. Berkeley.

I am also a certified Team Kanban Practitioner, Positive Psychology Coach, Group Coach, Strategic Planner, and Facilitator.


 Let’s chat about how to transform your leaders and teams.