Coach Your Team Like a Pro: A 3-Minute Workshop


I often hear from startup leaders that they don't have time for one-on-ones.

They think it's a tedious task that takes away from "real work."

If they do participate in regular one-on-ones with their people, they see it as a social break - rather than an opportunity to help their people really grow. 

I totally get it. This perspective makes sense if you don't know how to use one-on-one time well.

And who does?

They don't teach you this in biz school. And most managers don't get quality one-on-one time with the people they report to - so there's little modeling of good coaching happening from leadership.

It's time to stop the confusion around one-on-ones.

I put together this 3-minute video that explains why this time is important for your people and how to use this time well.