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Build an organization that gets even better in times of change

Stop working long hours without the results to show for it.


We apply tried and true methods for improving Team Intelligence in your organization.

Team Intelligence (def.):
The ability to collaboratively solve problems well under a wide variety of circumstances

We've finally solved problems like pros!
READ our published research on the topic
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Our approach integrates insights from lean masters, such as Taiichi Ono and Edward Deming, for improving your work system with the newer fields of positive psychology and inclusive leadership for improving your social system.  

Read our published research on the topic, “How to Improve Complex and Creative Knowledge Work in 21st Organizations.


We work with you in Transformation Sprints.

We take a behavioral-science based approach to introducing new methods, tools, and capabilities within your organization

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I don't want a big and expensive "change initiative." I want measurable results!
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Our Principles for Improvement

Start with where you are now.

We help you pursue step-change improvements with iterative cycles and rapid feedback loops.

Involve leadership at all levels.

We make your sure leaders are vertically and horizontally aligned for real and lasting change.

Empower those who are closest to the work to improve it.

We equip your teams to design and own their own improvement processes.

Each one, teach one.

We train your people to be internal coaches for each other so that improvement continues long after we’re gone.

About Our Founder
Dr. Shannon Arvizu

Dr. Shannon Arvizu brings 15 years of research, training, and consulting with Fortune 500 companies, tech startups and nonprofits to help fast-growing organizations solve today’s most pressing challenges with team intelligence.
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Meet Our Team

Gabe Abella

Lead Facilitator, Execute Like Pros

Coaching Superpower: “The ability to equip leaders and teams at all levels to adapt in the face of ever increasing complexity and uncertainty.”

Organizations served include: L’Oreal, United Nations, and JP Morgan Chase

Abigayle Wall

Lead Facilitator, Execute Like Pros

Coaching Superpower: “The ability to generate a continuous learning mindset without forcing it.”

Organizations served include: Tenet Healthcase, Mayo Clinic, L’Oreal, and JP Morgan Chase

Seth Wylie 

Lead Facilitator, Grow Each Other

Coaching Superpower: “The ability to guide teams to make decisions, even when no one feels like an expert and a productive outcome is hard to envision.”

Organizations served include: Alector and Gainsight

Brian Ley 

Facilitator and Advisor

Coaching Superpower: “The ability to focus teams on the critical few ‘dominos’ that lead to the biggest impact for an organization’s stakeholders.”

Organizations led include: Vesta and Alpharank

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