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We help the public sector plan for a changing world.

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We help you continuously improve the metrics that matter most to citizens.

We work with government entities to:


Identify a set of core citizen outcomes to improve with an Outcome Map


Select and track civic performance metrics with a Citizen Dashboard


Develop a set of initiatives to move civic metrics with a Policy Portfolio 

Let’s focus on initiatives that deliver high value for our customers!

We Help You Realize Your Economic and Social Goals

We work with:

  • national and regional governments
  • city municipalities
  • development funds
  • trade associations

Dr. Arvizu has helped the following entities with their policy proposals and initiatives:

Marci Harris

CEO of PopVox
Virtual Participants
U.S. Congress
“Dr. Arvizu facilitated what may be one of the first-of-its kind virtual policy "design days." She helped our participants establish goals, define "users" and consider new ways to continuously incorporate the "SIDE" elements (stakeholders, individuals, data, and evidence) into policy implementation, refinement, and oversight."

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