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Cultivate psychologically safe teams that take risks, learn, and grow together.


The power of psychologically safe teams

In Google’s Project Aristotle, which assessed the behaviors of 180 engineering and sales teams, they found that psychological safety was the #1 determining factor for team success.

Google researchers found that individuals on teams with higher psychological safety:


Are less likely to leave Google


Bring in more revenue


And are rated as “effective” twice as often by executives.

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How It Works

To create real behavior change, your managers and teammates learn to coach each other.

Transform Team Members into Peer Coaches in 3 Months

Our facilitators bring managers and their team members together for a 3-month transformation sprint.

Dr. Shannon Arvizu talking to a peer

The Engagement Journey

Grow Each Other in 5 Steps


Start with where you are now: Your teams take a quick diagnostic to identify the level of psychological safety on the team.


Activate a growth mindset: Your teams learn core skills for inspiring growth and development in each other.


Reduce reactive patterns: Your teams learn how to reduce reactive patterns in themselves that cause undue stress at work.


Accelerate goal progress and skill development: Your teams learn to coach each other for work progress and career skill-building


Share progress: At the end of the 3 months, team members share a “Grow and Tell” story of how they’ve grown during this time.

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Who is this for?

Teams across all functions and seniority levels benefit from increasing their abilities to solve problems better and learn and grow together.

Dr. Shannon Arvizu talking to a peer

Show Off Your Progress

Team members that demonstrate progress in the Grow Each Other sprint qualify for a “Certified Peer Coach” badge with your company’s logo to post on LinkedIn.

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