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Inspire your audience to think bigger and bolder.

Dr. Shannon Arvizu speaks on leadership, agile governance, and corporate activism.

What people are saying about Dr. Shannon Arvizu

Jenna McGraw, Organizational Development Lead, Google
"Thanks for coming and stretching our brains!"
Jenna McGraw
Organizational Development Lead, Google
Benjamin Myklebust, Engineering Advisor, Zero Organization, Norway
"By combining broad knowledge in the field with captivating presentation skills, Dr. Arvizu gave one of the most memorable contributions to the conference."
Benjamin Myklebust
Engineering Advisor,
Zero Organization, Norway
Maria Scileppi, Creative Resident, IDEO
"Shannon is an incredible public speaker. Everyone in the room was riveted. It was a TED quality talk."
Maria Scileppi
Creative Resident,
Natalie Lewis, Talent Development, Juniper Networks
"You totally killed it! Loved hearing your story and about your work."
Natalie Lewis
Talent Development,
Juniper Networks

Talks for 2022

Lead Your Organization with Team Intelligence

Dr. Arvizu expands your thinking about what it means to lead an agile organization in today’s shifting economic climate.

Takeaways for your Audience

Learn the fundamentals of agile organizational design

Avoid the 5 ways to sabotage your organization’s performance

Create a blueprint for change that you can actually execute on - even while navigating extreme disruption

Talks for 2022

Making Government Work: How to Measure and Improve Citizen Outcomes

Dr. Arvizu shares a new vision for what the next generation of government looks like with a culture of measurement and continuous improvement.

Takeaways for your Audience

Learn from examples of forward-thinking governments on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to civic outcomes tracking

Get inspired about what’s possible with taking measurement as a starting point for effective policy change

How to create a coalition for outcome-driven legislation in your city or state

Talks for 2022

Corporate Activism: How to take a stand as an organization

Dr. Arvizu shares a tried and true formula for social change that has been used for decades by organizations to create wide-scale social change.

Takeaways for your Audience

Learn a powerful conversation structure to talk about current events at work and identify ways to address social issues as an organization

Explore the SNAP formula (Stories-Networks-Actions-Political Opportunities) as it applies to your organization’s mission

How to avoid the 3 corporate activist mishaps and design a powerful initiative that wins

Hear from the leading expert on team intelligence

As a dynamic public speaker, Dr. Arvizu expands your thinking about what it means to lead an agile organization in today’s shifting economic climate.

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