May 6, 2019

New Documentary on the Future of Automated Work

The bright minds at 72U (the creative residency at ad agency 72andSunny - and one of my team clients) recently released a short doc on the future of automated work entitled, Before the Bridge.

The doc features leading thinkers on the topic, including Vivian Ming and Peter Diamandis, who share their perspectives on what to expect in the decades ahead.

Admittedly, the doc raises more questions than it answers about the future of work. There are many unknowns around the issue. As such, the doc provides an accurate reflection of the shared fears and speculations amongst laborers and technologists.

At the heart of the issue is the nature of human potential - what are the things that humans are innately superior at accomplishing vis-a-vis machines? This is a question many leaders are grappling with, especially as more workplaces integrate the equivalent of "AI co-workers."  

I'll be speaking on this topic at an upcoming conference for MBA Career Guides who are looking to prepare the next generation of business leaders for the Second Machine Age. I'll share some possible solutions from a sociological perspective in the next few posts.

In the meantime, enjoy Before the Bridge!

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